Hello. My name is Zach.

I tend to identify as a musician. I play mandolin and synthesizer, compose music whenever I can summon enough inspiration, and on any given day I could be listening to albums by My Bloody Valentine, Taylor Swift, or Charles Mingus. Consistent balance has been a difficult thing for me to maintain for myself and I hope to improve my chances by curating this blog.

I’d like for this to become an open conversation about creativity, happiness, and balance. There are a lot of artists out there, all with very personal and varied takes on success, failure, artistic integrity, and the creative process. I hope you’ll find this growing compilation of articles, videos, and interviews helpful toward finding, maintaining, or re-kindling happiness in whatever craft or passion drives you. Perhaps we can help each other find support, inspiration, and comfort in our shared creative development.

Any inquiries or feedback can be addressed to practicepositiveblog@gmail.com.


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