An Introduction

Hello. My name is Zach.

I tend to identify as a musician. I play mandolin and synthesizer, compose music whenever I can summon enough inspiration, and on any given day I could be listening to albums by My Bloody Valentine, Taylor Swift, or Charles Mingus. I am a home-body. I swing from extreme comfort to extreme discomfort in social situations and I value and depend upon my friendships more than some might fully realize. I will often dwell on personal mistakes and wish to change this. I am ecstatically engaged to Kimber, my very patient and supportive fiancee, however I have been struggling for some time to find a healthy life balance amongst the fairly universal (albeit often exaggerated) stresses of being a pointlessly terrified 20-something.

I hope for “Positive Practice” to become an open conversation about creativity, happiness, and balance. There are a lot of artists out there, all with very personal and varied takes on success, failure, artistic integrity, and the creative process. Some artists live and breathe creative passion and know nothing else, some burn out on self pity, some enjoy their art as weekend warriors, while still others function happily as professional artisans. Attitude seems to play a major role in creative practice so if only for my own personal growth I will begin compiling articles, videos, and interviews in the hopes of fostering creative positivity. Perhaps we can help each other find support, inspiration, and comfort in our shared creative development.

Let us never forget that often our greatest successes rise from a string of failures. No one is perfect and everyone can improve. I hope to speak with creatives about their best failures, how they foster positive relationships and attitudes, and their processes for honing their craft. I plan to check in regularly with personal media and will welcome criticism and discussion. At the very least I would like this blog to be a resource to aspiring artists looking for insight, inspiration, and creative support. I’d like to begin to Practice Positive whenever possible.


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